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Understanding how the brain works and how neurons interconnect with each other to form functional brain regions is one key challenge to be solved in this era. A better understanding is crucial for advancing neural prostheses, as well as for inspiring novel neuromorphic designs. To tackle this challenge, computer and microelectronic technologies (CMT) have been exploited not only to simulate brain functions but also to interface with the brain at a high spatial-temporal resolution. As Taiwan is one of the countries leading the CMT development, this summer school aims to provide more forums on bio-inspired systems and prosthetic devices (BioPro) in the Asia-Pacific region.

With the great support by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, and the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan, we had successfully hosted five BioPro workshops during 2009-2014. The Asia-Pacific BioPro Summer School is expected to be analogous to the annual cognitive neuromorphic workshops in Telluride for the American region and in CapoCaccia for the European region .

The BioPro summer school will be held during Aug. 24th-31st, 2015 at the National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan, a semi-isolated venue surrounded by rich natural resources, including the world-class National Taroko Park.

The BioPro summer school will provide a systematic study on the following topics:

  1. Neuromorphic Devices and Systems
  2. Neuromorphic Sensory Systems
  3. Computational Neuroscience
  4. NeuroInformatics
  5. Brain-machine Interfaces and Neural Prostheses
  6. Cognitive Science and Rehabilitation

For each topic, the school will provide (a) lecture sessions from the respective experts (b) thought-provoking discussion forums among the speakers and participants, (c) hands-on projects for the participants to practice the knowledge and develop innovative ideas, and (d) project exhibitions from both academics and industry. (e) In the middle of the school on Aug. 28th, there will be one brainstorming day tour for attendees to divide themselves into several subgroups, so as to develop their innovative ideas to breakthrough their hands-on projects.

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  2. Programs and introduction of Invited Speakers
  3. Hands-on Projects Details

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Contact information

Mr. Ramesh Perumal
Neuro-Engineering Lab
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
National Tsing Hua University
E-mail: reachtorameshmail@gmail.com